Hello Lovely Ladies,

We have 2 new members to welcome this week.
Amy Garcia and Dee Davenport.  Both ladies came as guests of Kay Wood to our Celebration Luncheon at Old Settlers Park on Wednesday. Thank you Kay for inviting them.  Amy lives in Rancho Sienna in Georgetown and Dee lives in South Creek in Round Rock.  Welcome Amy and Dee, we look forward to getting to know you!
Woohoo, what a great time we had at the Celebration Luncheon!  There were friends, food, friends, music, friends, dancing, friends, laughter, friends, goody bags, friends, door prize drawings.  Oh, did I mention FRIENDS?   
It was fantastic to see everyone again.  Thank you to all the ladies that had a part in putting the program together and most of all, thank you Lovely Ladies for coming out to Celebrate with us.

Marti Renger-Hopkins

RRNN Membership Director