Hello Lovely Ladies!

It is my pleasure to announce Marty Alaimo as our newest member.  Junia Hudson invited Marty to come as a guest to our August Coffee and she promptly went home and joined.  Yay!
Marty lives in the Mayfield Ranch subdivision in Round Rock.
Marty, Welcome to New Neighbors, we are delighted to have you and look forward to getting better acquainted!
Thank you Junia for sharing your friend with us.

I would like to add that we had 5 guests and a couple of our newest members at the Coffee and it was so much fun. If you’re not joining us at the Coffees, you’re missing out…

P.S. Just now got an email from another one of the guests saying she dropped her membership form in the mail.  Will introduce her next week.

Marti Renger-Hopkins

RRNN Membership Director