Hello Lovely Ladies,

It was wonderful seeing so many of you at our Luncheon on September 8th and it was a pleasure bringing 6 New Members to the front of the room and introducing them to you. We look forward to seeing more of you – old friends and new friends – in the upcoming months. Alison Ivy, our Program Director, has some great programs planned that you will not want to miss.
I now ask you to please join me in welcoming our newest member: Lorena Knisley.

Lorena lives in Chandler Creek in Round Rock and came as a guest of Penny Strack to our August Coffee Time at Jan Percy’s home.
Thank you Penny for introducing us to Lorena.
Lorena, welcome to Round Rock New Neighbors!  We look forward to getting to know you.

Marti Renger-Hopkins  
RRNN Membership Director