UPDATE: A box of 200 socks was just mailed out to Knickey to be recycled! Another box is half full, so please keep saving them and get them to any Board Member or bring to the luncheons. Remember, this is a long term donation collection.

We all have them. Sad, single socks that have lost their mates. Socks with “just  a little hole.” Socks we have been meaning to throw out but…..

Oh, and that underwear you really shouldn’t be wearing anymore. Those undies that ride up or fall down. The “I thought I would like them” panties.

Start collecting them, ladies, and we will be donating them to the clothing recycling project at Knickery where they will be turned into everything from carpet padding to furniture batting.  They will even take men’s and children’s castoffs. AND, every time we send in a box of recycling, they will give us a free new pair of undies which Caring Hands will donate to Hope Alliance, our local women’s shelter. New underwear is always needed.

So, bring those CLEAN, and I cannot emphasize this enough,….CLEAN and LAUNDERED, UNballed socks and undies to our luncheons, board meetings, outings, game groups, or get them to me or another board member. This will be an on-going, all yearlong donation effort to keep textiles out of the landfill, and get as much new, free underwear as we can for our local shelter.

C’mon, ladies, you KNOW you have stuff. If you are embarrassed, a brown paper bag works well enough to transport your items.

Knickey Recycling Program  – CLICK HERE

I can’t wait to see my husband’s face as I pile all this underwear in the guest room!!

Sock (and panty) it to me!

Ellen Kiefer
Caring Hands Chair