Dear RRNN,
After a long discussion at our Board Meeting, I’m so sad to announce that we are canceling September, October and November’s General Meeting/Luncheons. We only had 14 register for the September Luncheon. Also, several of our Interest Group leaders have shared they may be waiting until 2021 to start meeting together again. We have done everything we can to make you feel safe but ultimately it is our responsibility to listen and follow your wishes. As we have stated before, our focus is on your safety and welfare.  Of course, if things change with the current situation, we will swing back into full motion to get our organization up and running. Be sure to read the Sunday Weekly Digest regularly to stay informed.

Should we have anything pressing that needs your votes, we will send it out to y’all via emails. Please feel free to call me or any of the Board members with any questions, concerns or suggestions. I look forward to the time we can all look back and say we survived the COVID-19 pandemic!

Hugs, Karla