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  • 2023 April Events

Five of us met downtown Georgetown for Poppy Festival (Martha, Bonnie, Gayle, Heather and me, Joyce). Ann joined us later for lunch. We met at the Georgetown Library. The parking was awful, but our resourceful members arrived even a bit earlier than 9:30 so they found parking fairly easily. We watched the parade from 8th street. It was everything that is good about a hometown parade: Fire trucks, marching bands, floats, a Pup Parade, and cars from the car show. Then we walked the square which was filled with vendors stalls and we all did some shopping. Because finding a place for lunch with a group is so difficult during the Festival, the 5 of us (Martha, Bonnie, Gayle, Heather and me) piled into Heather's Jeep and drove to the Southwestern University campus to eat lunch in the student cafeteria in Mabee Commons. $11.50 for all you want to eat from 6 or 7 different stations. There is a photo of us at the table. Note that I am missing from the front left seat. That is my bowl of ice cream WITH cinnamon donut holes on the side. I won't tell what the others ate but I'll just say that I probably wasn't the naughtiest person at the table. I think that everyone made more than one trip through the line. Several of us agreed that the pizza was really good and probably worth the price of admission.

Mindy Sue Cohen hosted this month's Coffee Time event. It was a great turnout!

Several ladies enjoyed the April Social at Corner Bakery.

The very interesting program was given by Nancy Hill, executive director of The Williamson Museum, and Robin Lindgren about the local history. Many thanks to them!

Mr. Pete & Miss Pandy gave guided tours of Jan Percy's gardens.

Safari group shopping at 'The Gift Solution', Stella, Anna & Amy.

The Chill Scrabble groups meets at Anchor Bar in La Frontera each month.

The NNRR board members in planning mode for the May luncheon program and the Annual Party. Also, fun gifts for the members.