Dear Friends,

Our October meeting was really fun! So many ladies came in costume and everything looked wonderfully festive. The food was amazing! Our presentation by Deputy Horseman, “Beware, Be Very Aware!” was quite informative.  We asked a lot of questions and had a terrific discussion with Dep. Horseman about ways we can be prepared to protect ourselves in a crisis. Make sure you have a plan! 

Our costume contest was a hoot! The contestants were (by memory, sorry if I forget someone) Lindsay – a cute bug eyed insect, Ellen – a colorful hippy, Cindy – a crossing guard with her stop sign, Patricia Feltman – a genuine cowgirl, Pat Dolan – impersonating our president Rhonda Gilcrest with a big mad hatter’s hat atop long luscious blond curls, Melinda – a rhinestone cowgirl, Gwen S – a Blues Brother with a case of $100 bills, Cindy V and Gwen K – bewitching witches, Billie as a fortune teller with her crystal ball, and there was a pretty pumpkin…maybe some ghouls and ghosts in the mix, too! 

The winners were determined by the official applause meter and received some tricks and treats:

  • 3rd Place – Pat Dolan and Gwen S
  • 2nd Place – Billie Ray
  • 1st Place – Ellen Kieffer 

Thank you to Billie and the luncheon committee for setting up a yummy and hearty meal for us. Thanks to Gwen K for the festive Halloween table decorations. Thanks to Rhonda and Pat Dolan and all the board members for a great meeting. Mindy Sue won the 50/50 raffle $94.50, our biggest one yet! There were lots of door prizes and Rhonda introduced the President’s Prize to celebrate our 45th anniversary.

A special thank you to our guest speaker, Dep. Tabytha Horseman, who was an excellent presenter and is an inspiring woman who balances being a mother and being in law enforcement with grace and valor. She said she had a great time and was so happy you all enjoyed the material. She also told me she never expected to enjoy herself so much. Our group is unique and she never experienced anything quite like it as a speaker. She didn’t know what to expect, but she really loved us! 


Melissa Reyes
Programs Director
New Neighbors of Greater Round Rock