We had so much fun at the March General Meeting! 

We were treated to a little “pot of gold” from our Decorations Coordinator, Gwen Kingery. She had a little gift for each of us. She handed out Shamrocks with a number and we had to look for the corresponding number that was also on the item. It was fun! I got a lovely green candle. Of course everything was green! 

Our guest speaker for the program was from BIG, Brookwood in Georgetown. This is a wonderful place that helps people who are mentally challenged. They provide work opportunities in the cafe, store, and through creative art projects. Their newest expansion includes group homes and little homes giving the ability to live independently. 

Brian Woods, the Associate Director of Development, gave an excellent presentation on behalf of BIG and shared his personal story with us.

It was eye opening because he explained how few resources there are for people with disabilities after they finish school. They become adults and graduate from the therapeutic programs they were in and many have nothing to do. BIG gives them what they need to live their lives, utilize their talents and live their joy. 

Ellen Keiffer, our Caring Hands Director, has coordinated some visits to BIG. I have been there and I loved the cafe and the gift shop. Let me know what you think if you visit there.  I hope your experience is as wonderful as mine was. 

Coming in April, we have a lovely program planned. Everyone enjoys the Fashion show, or “Style Show” as Sarah Summers puts it. Sarah does an amazing job doing the style show. Her store, The Gift Solution Boutique at Barton Creek Mall is where all the clothing comes from. Our models get fitted and outfits are out together for them. I think that would be fun!! We will get to see all the fashions and accessories and the best part is Sarah brings the fashions to us! So you will be able to buy anything you see in the show. Come and support our models and treat yourself! 

Find all the details on the calendar and register for April’s General Membership Meeting, Luncheon, and Program. I look forward to seeing you there!!

Melissa Reyes
Programs Director
New Neighbors of Greater Round Rock