Our speaker for the September 14th General Membership Meeting and Luncheon will share the “what’s” and “whys” about Light Pollution and Conservation.  I’m looking forward to the discussion!  Here is a challenge for you to think about, how can we make a difference to preserve the night sky and what am I willing to do to help?  Deborah will explain why it is important and answer your questions.  In the meantime, here are 10 simple ways to reduce your light pollution:

#1 Turn Off Lights When Not in Use
#2 Use Fewer Lights When Inside
#3 Keep the Blinds and Drapes Closed at Night
#4 Avoid Driving at Night
#5 Turn Off All Lights When Going to Sleep
#6 When Going Outside, Point Your Lights Towards the Ground
#7 Use Night Shift Settings on All Devices
#8 Let Your Eyes Adjust to Less Light Instead of Turning on Lights!
#9 Unplug from Devices as the Sun Sets
#10 Use Only Downward Facing Lights Inside When You Can

Resource: https://www.durango.org/blog/post/ways-reduce-light-pollution/

Thank you, 
Melissa Reyes
Programs Director
New Neighbors of Greater Round Rock