Hello Ladies!

I am very pleased to announce that Sharon Lowes has rejoined New Neighbors after being away for a number of years. Sharon lives in Round Rock in the Teravista Gardens subdivision.

Welcome back, Sharon, we look forward to getting to know you and for some, reacquainted!

Summer break is over and I for one, am ready to get back into the full swing of things.  It will be wonderful seeing you at the Luncheon on September 8th, I’ve missed you all.  We are meeting on a new day in a new place and a great program is planned, how exciting!!!  

I would like to remind you of our
“Mystery Greeter”
What’s that???  Better asked as Who’s That???

We want every single lady that walks through the door at our Luncheons to feel welcome and to know that they matter.  Whether she is a guest, a new member or someone who has been with us for a long while, everyone is important and has something to share.

We started the Mystery Greeter Program to encourage mingling and greeting each other at the start of the luncheons.  Someone will be selected as the “Mystery Greeter” for the day.  You will not know who it is so you’ll want to be sure to genuinely greet each other. 

When you happen to greet the mystery greeter, you will receive a ticket that will go in a drawing for a free lunch.  So dear ladies, step up and say hello to other members even if you don’t know them yet. You may win the free lunch but more importantly, you may just be meeting your new best friend!

Marti Renger-Hopkins
RRNN Membership Director