Hello Lovely Ladies!

It is my pleasure to announce the return of a former member:  Wikki Cordes.
Wikki lives in Round Rock in the Oaklands subdivision.

Welcome back, Wikki, we look forward to getting reacquainted with you!

Wikki was one of six guests that attended the July Coffee Time at Jan Percy’s home.  The Coffees are a perfect opportunity for guests to meet members and get a feel for what New Neighbors is all about.  Thank you, Jan, for opening up your beautiful backyard to us.

A lot of guests that come to our functions have learned about us online but the vast majority hear about us from current members. I would like to recognize that the other guests that attended the Coffee were invited by Marcy Delgado, Pat Dolen and Jan Percy.

Ladies, thank you for getting the word out and helping our organization to grow and prosper.

Marti Renger-Hopkins
Membership Ambassador