Dear Friends,

Coming up at the October 12th luncheon, we will present “Beware, Be Very Aware!”  The day will be Halloween themed and there will be some prizes for “best costume”!  

Our guest speaker, Deputy Tabytha Horseman, will speak to us about safety awareness.  I was so happy when I received the response to my request for a guest speaker from the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office.  I was delighted that the speaker is Tabytha Horseman, a female Sheriff’s Deputy with 10 years experience in the department right here in Round Rock.

Deputy Horseman has some important information on awareness that she wants to share with our group.  She will talk to us about:

  • Predator mindset (what is a predator in human context)
  • Daily tips one can practice to avoid a critical incident
  • What to do if in a critical incident
  • Survival mindset vs Victim mindset
  • Personal weapons vs actual weapons

I am looking forward to this presentation, and I hope you are too!  We can always use reminders on how to protect ourselves.  I expect Deputy Horseman’s energy, experience, and expertise will help us to feel safe in our community.

Spook you later,
Melissa Reyes
2nd VP, Programs Director