Get Ready For Our Fall Craft Fair!

Fall is definitely in the air my friends! I’m typically a summer girl, but after this hot hot summer, I am ready for a cool down. I love the brisk air in the morning and snuggling up with a cozy blanket in the evening. 

A great thing about this time of year is going to annual events. It’s fun to see how some things change and some remain the same. Parties, gatherings, reunions, all sorts of events. This time of year our social calendar is jam-packed! So make sure you mark your calendar and make a reservation to attend our Annual Fall Craft Fair on Thursday, November 9th. It will be time well spent, I assure you! You could get a bargain or two and get some holiday shopping done. There will be an amazing luncheon, too! 

I am fond of craft fairs, farmers markets, art festivals, and any chance to see how people express themselves and make creative things for others. I like to get myself a trinket, some jewelry, or a handmade ornament to remember the time and place. Rings are actually my favorite. I have a lovely ivory (probably resin) moon-faced ring from a farmers market in Downtown Los Angeles that reminds me of when I worked at the Library Tower (USBank Bldg.) in the early 2000’s. I also have a big chunky topaz ring set in silver from an arts and crafts fair in Santa Barbara that I might have bought in the 90’s – BK. (Before kids!) 

Oh the memories are flooding in now! I recall picking up some tiny kites from a vendor at  Mission Bay in San Diego. They were no bigger than the palm of my hand with long tails. Mine was a yellow and black honey bee. It was a blast pulling that out of my bag whenever I felt like flying a kite! What treasures come to mind that you have collected from a craft fair or festival? Do you have a favorite? Might it be from a previous New Neighbors of Round Rock Annual Fall Craft Fair? I can’t wait to hear your story when I see you at the luncheon! 

Melissa Reyes
Programs Director
New Neighbors of Greater Round Rock