From Caring Hands:

One Sock, Two Sock, Red Sock, Blue Sock (with apologies to Dr. Seuss)

Caring Hands is still collecting discarded , mismatched, holey socks and undies to be recycled and kept out of the landfill. Keep bringing them to the luncheons or get them to any board member. If you get new socks for the holidays, bag up the old ones!


From Caring Hands and Needle Arts:

Tis the season to help our furry friends!

Caring Hands and Needle Arts are teaming up to collect items for the  Williamson County Animal Shelter when they come to speak at our January luncheon. Their full wish list is posted on our website.

Oh but I don’t have a pet you say. Well, there are many non-pet items they need that people don’t think about and which I am certain you have lying around the house. Bring them to the January luncheon or get them to a board member:

  1. Newspapers – collect all your newspapers which they use to line kennels and cages
  2. Empty pill bottles – adopted animals with medical needs are sent home with pills that the shelter staff puts in, you guessed it, donated pill bottles. Just remove all your information.
  3. Have an extra ream of copy paper you can donate?
  4. Paper plates (dessert size) – you know, you had a party and you have a few plates left over that match nothing else? They are used to put wet puppy and kitten food on. Bring them in!
  5. Old towels, blankets, wash cloths, sheets, fleece blankets – the stuff clogging your closets and you need to find a place to donate them…this is the place.

Make sure to check our website for the full list and bring everything to the January luncheon. This is a ONE time collection so please do not wait until the February luncheon or later.

Ellen Kiefer
Diane Taylor