In light of all of the hacking and privacy issues in the world, the New Neighbors Board has decided to remove ‘Print a Directory’ from our website. The printable (PDF) directory will be kept private, and the online directory that you view will stay the same. This decision was recommended by MembershipWorks, the company that provides our website software.

The currently-outdated printable directory file will be updated in April 2023 and can be emailed to you then in PDF form upon request at no cost. If you absolutely need a printed copy, it will be available for purchase through June 2023. The cost will be $5.00, which includes printing and mailing 29 pages. A printable directory will not be available after that.

Email your request to Melinda Avey, Website Manager, at

        *Specify which one you want: printed to be mailed or in PDF form to be emailed
        *Specify which version you want: the current out-dated one or the updated one
        *Include your mailing address or email address
        *Once your request is received, if you want a printed copy you will receive an email back
        requesting a check, how to make it out and where to mail it.

Melinda Avey
Website Manager 
New Neighbors of Greater Round Rock