Before Covid 19 shut off our ability to meet and collect donations, we were able to do some good in the community. At our March luncheon we collected new crayons and coloring books to be donated to Hope Alliance, our local women’s’ shelter. However, as things shut down, donations were no longer being accepted and so this collection sat in my house for months. As children were studying from home, and diversions were limited, the RRNN Board decided to donate these things to the Texas Baptist Children’s Home in Round Rock in the hopes that they would provide an outlet for the many children (and adults as we collected quite a few adult coloring books) living there.

Although the Home was not accepting any donations, they did make an exception for us, and nearly 100 coloring books and 200 boxes of crayons were delivered much to the delight of the staff and residents.

With the dawn of a new year, we hope that we will once again be able to gather and continue our service to the community.

I wish you a Happy New Year filled with many possibilities.

Ellen Kiefer
Caring Hands Chair